Waihi Beach Principal
As Principal I have actively participated and modelled where possible the importance attributed to this contract development. I have shared the Waihi Cluster values and vision with the staff. This has been reflected in conversations within the classroom and staffroom. I have ensured that appropriate planning and procedures were in place to allow the sharing of our vision.
As part of an ICT school team we have maintained our strategic plan with my role mainly being financial adviser. Teacher appraisal has been linked to the contract with annual goals set and appraised over the 3 years. ICT has been included in each year’s annual plan for the school.
Professional Development opportunities were provided for teachers. I did not conduct these myself but supported the ICT team in this area. This included ensuring surveys were completed, analysed and information shared.

St Josephs Principal

"As Principal I now have confidence to purchase the right ICT equipment for the school – this has given our students access to appropriate ICT facilities (ie upgraded server and school ICT hardware)"

Waihi Central Principal

At Waihi Central School, we have closely linked our charter, strategic and annual plans with clear expectations for our teachers and students. This includes a specific target of developing classroom wikis that will promote and engage our community into our e-learning environment. These wikis are now online via a newly developed user friendly web page; www.waihicentral.school.nz.

E-learning has also assisted greatly in our journey with National Standards and cloud based platforms such as eTAP have proved invaluable.
Along the way we have had challenges as our assessment aspirations for data gathering/analysis, and next steps could not be realised with our current SMS system and knowledge of its potential. We continue to pursue this and intend to use a cloud based system such as Orbit, but have to weigh up the annual running costs.

Here the skills of the staff came through and we brought together a system that now works using conventional programs e.g. Publisher, Excel & PowerPoint, and then took further professional development to bring this together.

Sustainability at the conclusion of the contract is a huge motivation for us. We are developing a rubric criteria for 2012 that will be integrated into our Performance Management Programme. It will measure the capabilities our teaching & admin staff have in ICT/e-learning and will be setting expectations of minimum requirements. We will measure this via two criteria:
  • teacher knowledge & ability.
  • learning context
We will have four competency levels:
  • beginning
  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • expert
e.g. use video to document learning and progress:

1.Teacher capabilities
Can capture video & load onto laptop
Can edit, save off laptop & burn to disc or usb
2.Learning contexts
Can use video evidence to support teaching programme
Involves students in making video & teaches skills required
We intend to have this in place for 2012 and expect all teachers and staff to operate at a minimum level of intermediate by 2013.
This will be co-constructed and used for appraisals, appointments and should ensure that we remain at the fore front of e-learning and ICT development.

Waihi East

Waihi East School has enjoyed a big boost in it’s funding for IT related resources over the last three years. In 2012 we are setting up specific goals to set up of a robust wireless network and the purchase of new computers for all classrooms. The leadership of the Principal and ensuing discussion with staff each year focuses on the area in Waihi East School’s ICT Strategic plan that needs to be met. In the past three years we have put projectors and sound systems in classrooms, upgraded the school website, purchased iPads for classrooms, purchased cameras and recording devices for sound in each room and bought a large screen tv that can handle multi media input from laptops, Western Digital TV and an Xbox Kinect. The Principal has prioritised the funding for Waihi East School and validates the budgets with the staff at meetings empowering the ICT Lead Teacher to go ahead and make the necessary purchases. Our Principal has endorsed he use of eTAP and the Ministry of Educations Enroll system to manage Waihi Easts Student data online - this effectively means staff need to assess the students digitally and that information is stored online, we have an online student report that is available to parents through our eTAP Parent Portal. eTAP has an SMS messaging service that allows our School Office to send messages to parents mobile phones, we use this for reminders or to help enlist parent/caregiver help for school events.

In our eTAP student reporting system the Assessment For Learning model is followed with areas for next steps for learning and what parents/caregivers can do at home to help their child with their learning included in the report, this was worked out when the Principal and East school staff collaboratively designed the report. Our East School Principal asks the staff to try and use IT in their classes regularly but make it work for them around each terms key learning focus, East School has a theme each term for the Unit Studies area of the curriculum in term 4 of 2011 we are working on Hauora-Well Being. IT related activities are included in he students formative assessment model which is our Yearbooks featuring student learning throughout the year. Our Principal has led the way forward with graphing learning progress online for students, teachers and parents by asking the Lead IT teacher at East to investigate the use of Peter Tait’s Orbit system to bring together assessment data about students in a manageable graphical way to present parents, students and teachers with overviews of student learning in relation to the National Standards.

Waimata School

We have a strategic plan for ICT which has been updated annually. We also have personal development goals in ICT which are linked to our 2011 appraisal plan. In October 2011 an Action Plan against the ICPD Cluster Rubric was established. Lead Teacher refers to this and uses this to reflect and focus on for implementation.

Waikino School
  • Updated ICT strategic plan and action plan for next 3 years
  • Effective e-learning practices relating to Assessment for Learning:
  • A weekly slot was set aside for IT professional development during staff meetings. Teachers identified needs and Lead Teacher used the staff meeting time to work with teachers. Flexible according to needs. Eg. IWBs, RWC sites and resources, Filing cabinet in KN.
  • Teachers identify needs each term. E-learning expectations each term eg expectation that student work be shared with parents. Working to make this a two-way process enabling parent feedback and to include more e-learning in performance management.
  • Netsafe policies and agreements have been adapted for the school.
  • Principal and Lead teacher attended Ulearn conference