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Teacher Survey Results
Ways that teachers used ICTs to support Literacy

Ways that teachers use ICTs to support achievement

Most useful gains from ICTPD

Lead Teacher Comments

Central School
  • Develop a better understanding of current educational theory and research and what best practice looks like with emphasis on literacy and digital literacy.
- Staff contributing to and attending Jnr and Snr network meetings to share relevant issues and findings around ICT’s in the classroom.
- Wired Days where teachers have the chance to see current e-learning examples and theories presented in a workshop manner.
- Lead teacher and Principal attended Ulearn11, attending and presenting on a wide range of e-learning developments.
  • Improve the competencies and confidence of teachers in using ICT/e-learning to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum, and see an increased use of ICT/e-learning in the learning environment.
- Compulsory creation and on-going development of classroom wiki’s into teacher’s annual attestation.
- Staff P.D on use of new equipment at staff meetings
  • Improve the competencies and confidence of teachers in using ICT/e-learning to develop key competencies.
- Facilitator visits have helped teachers to acquire skills and knowledge that they can translate into classroom practice.

Waihi East

Waihi East School teachers are including the use of IT in their planning and in their sharing of student progress through the students Yearbooks, where samples of student work are included featuring the use of an IT tool regularly to assist in pupils learning i.e. posters reflecting learning around a topic using ‘Comic Life’ software. Teachers have increased the use of literacy and numeracy based websites in the classroom to support learning activities for these areas e.g Tumblebooks, Studyladder and MOE Digital Learning Objects. As part of our appraisal and self reflection process teachers are expected to set goals and take steps toward implementing the use of ICT in he classroom e.g. all staff can use their projector / sound system to share songs or other digital content with their class, teachers use their class camera regularly to document learning activities, teachers are updating their class web page at least once a term and often use images from their class camera to enhance their class page. Our teachers use the Assessment For Learning model and the Habits of Mind as the core components in out learning / thinking methodology, but use of webs, mind maps and thinking hats are used by many staff as a part of their teaching tool box. As a school we are going to take steps to develop our skill in using the Inquiry Learning process over the next 12 months (2012). The Key Competencies are linked with increasing confidence to ICT activities by teachers as many ICT activities promote the competencies.

Waimata School
Language of Key Competencies is now used a lot more in the classrooms and linked to everyday classroom life. All behaviour expectation to Key Competencies and school values.

Waihi Beach

Excellent Staff Meeting in Term 3 with Jan-Marie
Language of Key Competencies is now used a lot more in the classrooms and linked to everyday classroom life. Senior classrooms link all behaviour expectation to Key Competencies.Class wikis being utilised well to support learning. See links at the top of the page for further information.

Waikino School
  • Teachers are increasing in confidence and knowledge with the use of ICT – particularly in planning, administrative purposes ) electronic register, use of eTap for assessment data and using for teaching and learning opportunities Eg: interactive whiteboard for presenting writing exemplars, highlighting criteria, sharing You Tube clips, tumble books, Digistore objects to support maths learning, Studyladder

  • Increasing use of different sites to supplement teaching and learning Eg: Rugby World Cup, Matariki

  • Increasing confidence and use of wikis – Matariki, MathzLinks ( Lizzie)
  • Teachers attending Waihi Wired conferences and Junior and Senior Network days