Parent comments
School websites/blogs/wikis:
“The boys can access Studyladder and other websites on their class page using KnowledgeNET on the schools’ homepage. They do this independently of me.”
“The Kids and myself have used KnowledgeNET to help display their work for Kauri Awards.”
“I visited once to get the term dates"
"If I want to look at something I go to school and look. If I want tot find anything out I go to school and ask someone."
"Interesting to see children's work and and read what they've been up to."

What do you see as the main ways ICT (computers etc) should be used to support your children's learning?
  • for research and with fun games that encourage literacy and numeracy skills to improve.
  • I think with some thought ICT can be integrated into all areas of the curriculum. I think it is a good assessment tool not only for the teacher but for the students as they can look back at dvd recordings, work samples, blogs and assess own learning.
  • finding information on a topic or study.
  • as a tool to enhance learning ie study ladder but not to take over teacher role, and also still want children to be able to present work in a written format.
  • publishing work and extending learning eg maths games.
  • research for projects maths, so work at own level.
  • homework or extra work.
  • in conjuction with actual handwriting. If computers are to be used then proper fingering for typing should be taught.
  • Computers with learning software. iPads (only with safe internet web sites.
  • for encouraging literacy, numbracy, IT skills and having fun!!
  • We see them as being integrated into all their learning.
  • The children need to be comfortable using them and accessing information off them. Knowing where to look. Even just learning to type is a big advantage and filtering what to information to use.
  • Educational games
  • Ongoing educational development
  • Extra support, maths, arithmetic
  • Information
  • Research
  • Interactive learning activities
  • to prepare them for the ICT world of the future
  • Through class activities/topics. Not so much via games but as another media for recording, writing, images and doing tests and activity sheets to add more interst and excitement to completing what is there.
  • For finding information
  • Presentation of information. Finding information. learning concepts, educational games. Using cameras and other digital media to angage them and learn. Communication with parents and other interested parties.
  • research, maths games, spelling and keeping up with technology.
  • I don't see them as an integral part of my child's learning at primary school level.
  • Reading, writing, English and maths.
  • Unsure
  • Research, help with projects, maths etc.
  • Confidence and general knowledge.
  • Clear learning objectives in ICT linked to Key Competencies. Submitting homework online, receiving weekly homework sheets, research projects that extend their research skills via ICT, managing ICT when learning - means to an end or an end itself.
  • Publishing, website development, photography, movie-making, research.
  • Some schools have homework set online at school website - with links to games that encourage literacy and maths - this would encourage us to visit the site.
  • Touch typing activities.
  • Younger children - educational games. Older children - internet safety, homework, info and typing skills.
  • Information gathering and presenting. Suitable resources integrated into classroom programme and ideas for home.
  • Maybe to do homework ie. less use of paper to practice techniques learned during the day.
  • Resource tool. :earning programme.
  • Research. teaching children about technology. Keeping up-to-date. Should not be overused. Can't replace books. Should compliment learning. Assisting children with homework. Using learning-based games and activities.

Suggestions to improve access:
  • maybe a few screen shots of how to login and where to go on website to access the bloggs. Especially for new parents. Initial interface not very user friendly for new visitors.