Here is the place where information on how to do things with ICT will be kept.
external image msword.png ICTPDonline& ClusterSite.doc How to find/use the Interact site and our cluster site.
Removing Proxy settings: For when you visit another school and need to remove your proxy (eg Schoolzone or Watchdog) settings
Removing a Static IP address. If you have trouble connecting to another school's network and you have removed any proxy you may have a static IP address. These instructions show how to check this and remove it if necessary.

To get Windows to control your wireless then
Wikispaces page with how to spice up your wiki.
The converter tool so you can open Office 2007 documents when you have Office 2003
Word 2007 Tutorial
Another Word Tutorial - from HP
Custom Animation in Powerpoint

Comic Life - How to use the program, plus links to examples of use.
Comic Life Tutorial

Changing the subject line of an email you have received to make it easier to find
Powerpoint 2007 Part 1 Tutorial
These two Powerpoint 2003 tutorials could be useful for teachers or students. If you want a version you can print notes from - email Jan-Marie external image empty.png PowerpointTutoriaPt1Show.pps external image PowerpointTutorialPt2Show.pps

Starter sheets for a range of tools eg Delicious, Voicethread etc,

Some other online Powerpoint 2003 tutorials that may be helpful: Tutorial 3/menu.htm

Photostory3 tutorials:

Art Rage tips and tutorial

Excel 2007 graphing - Smarties external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation.png Smarties Excel Graphing.pptx

Susi Vesper's notes on how to use a number of tools for blogs and wikis.

Videos on a large number of web 2.0 applications on Commoncraft.

Ulead - The Basics instruction booklet: Waihi Wired Day 09. Jess Hardley.

How to insert a widget on a wiki - By Jess Hardley 2011

How to make a PictureTrail - photo slide show - By Jess Hardley 2011

How to make a Glogster - make your wiki look pretty - By Jess Hardley 2011