These sites contain images, many of them copyright-free. There are also some sites that for editing and using your photos.

Some of these sites may be blocked by Schoolzone or your web-filters, if so you may have to access them at home and save the images you want to use to your computer.






Stock Xchange

Best Animations

Life Magazine - 100s of images that may be freely used for non-commercial use.Check out the real or Fake section.

Creative Commons - a variation on copyright which allows for sharing and use of photos, mainly for non-commercial uses.

Wikimedia Commons- copyright-free images and icons

Creative Commons site - you can search here for images with a creative commons licence.

Flickr Creative Commons - this site is searchable for images on Flickr that have a creative commons licence.

FotoFlexer is an online tool for editing your photos. You can create lots of neat effects and can access your photos from your computer or Flickr, Photobucket and several other places.

Puzzlemaker - turn your photos into a puzzle which can be embedded in websites, blogs and wikis.

This site has lots of interesting things you can do with you photographs. It works best if you have a Flickr account and use photos you have uploaded there.

Bubbleshare has closed. Check out these alternatives:

Slideshow - Make a slide show of your favourite photos to add to your blog or wiki.