Inquiry Workshop

Record here any ideas, strategies or in
formation you have found useful for inquiry.

You can see some examples from cluster classrooms using Inquiry here: Inquiry Classrooms

Have a look at the Inquiring Mind site.

Have a look at this Michael Wesch video on Jan-Marie's blog You will need to set aside an hour but it is well worth watching.

You may also like to check out the site where teachers completing the GDITE course ICT-Infused Inquiry have recorded some of the ideas, information and strategies they have found useful.

The Galileo Educational Network site is excellent.

Voicethread used for prior knowledge/wonderings for inquiry.

Demystifying Inquiry Learning - Lyn Ross

Questioning -

Mantle of the Expert- a form of problem-based learning. See also

The Big 6. Notes and useful links By Jess Hardley- Central

Inquiry learning:

A lead into the Inquiry process:

See also the Graphic Organisers page

Funny video about the dangers of telling kids answers instead of getting them to think for themselves - especially if you don't know the answer.

Here is a wordle made by Waihi Central teachers of the key elements of inquiry-based learning