Leadership Resources

* Leadspace

* Strategic Planning - copy of Strategic Planning Template

* Appraisal Goal Setting - Example from Waihi Central

* New Curriculum

* Leading Learning - ICTPD online wiki on leadership


* Edtalks - CORE eduction site featuring videos on a range of education-related topics

* Leading and Learning - Bruce Hammond's blog site

* ICTPD Online Facilitation Resources

* Change Resources

* Tessa's Change Wiki

* Educational Leaders - The new Ministry Leadership site

* Visionmapper A future-focused planning website.

* Example of ICT Plan: external image msword.png ICTAction PlanExample.doc

Leading ICT - Suzie Vesper's wiki for lead teachers, has some useful info for Principals as well.

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach showed this Healthy Community graphic in her shared keynote at Ulearn08


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