Simon Turnbull's Sabbatical Project Litworks
English Online
Old English Online resources
Literacy Online
Waichat - Cluster collaborative literacy wiki
Study Ladder - interactive literacy activities
Tumble Books
Children's Library
Children's Storybooks Online
Woodlands - Online books list
MeeGenius Free books
Storyline Online - videos of actors reading stories - includes The Rainbow Fish
Twitter - read this twitter handbook to find out more
Voicethread - this page has information relating to this valuable tool for having conversations around media
Google Docs is a great way for working collaboratively. Could be used within a class or between classes or schools. Sign up for Google Apps for even greater uses. Google Apps tutorial
Have a look at some ideas for using shared documents here. See some examples fromschools.

Digital Storytelling
E-tools to support WritingM2.pptx
E-tools to support WritingM2.pptx

E-tools to support WritingM2.pptx

Voicethread - Easy to use and great for oral visual and written language - see thisHaikuexample or this example based on the on the book When Donkeys Fly.
Spelling and Alphabet.
ICOT - Trialling Technology to Grow Writers
Into The Book
ESOL Online
AsTTle 'What Next' for writing site
The AsTTle 'What Next' for reading site
Myths and Legends Creator
Ministry Self Review Tools for Literacy - Rubric
ICT in English Blog - has lots of ideas including a slide show on Wordle uses
ReadWriteThink Link to student materials, games and tools.
BBC Bitewise - Literacy Activities
Wicked Literacy - Interactive activities on TKI See journeys from various stories on Google Earth
ICT Games site - ICT Games has maths and literacy activities
Anamalia If your students love the Graeme Base books check out this site.
Talking books and some fun free videos:
Slideshow on uses of Voicethread
Juniors can write short sentences with the Wizard Text Generator
A variety of animations available. Embed in your class wiki.

external image f9155aadbf0c43fdab4adf78bed07858.0.gif
external image f9155aadbf0c43fdab4adf78bed07858.0.gif

Podomatic - to upload and hear podcasts:
Language games
Great fun poetry site
Loads of poetry and poetry writing ideas
Adrian Bruce's Resources for Language
Writing interactive website
Woodlands Literacy Zone – heaps of interactive activities
Guided Reading and Reading Games
Free Educational interactive resources in all curriculum areas.
Writing - an interactive story that you can write and print off at the end.
Skrbl - An easy-to-use online collaborative whiteboard

skrbl now
skrbl now

skrbl now

Try skrbl now.
Etherpad - collaborative word document - up to 8 people editing at once


- make word pictures from any piece of text. The more a word is used the larger it appears.
The more times a word appears, the larger it will be.
Tagxedo - similar to Wordle but words are random sizes and you can choose the shape.
43 Interesting Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom - make your own uvatar using your photo
Vokis - make a talking avatar
Youtube and TeacherTube There are lots of resources on these two sites. You can also upload your own videos.
Photos can be used in many ways to motivate writing. Check out sites such as

These sites are useful for storing and/or editing photos.
Fotoflexer - online photo-editor
Flickr and Photobucket - Sites where you can upload and share your photos online.
Panoramio - a photo sharing tool. It allows you to upload your photos and then you can map their location on Google Earth. Your photos will then be visible to all Google Earth users. A great way to share field trips and the like with parents, colleagues etc

The converter tool so you can open Office 2007 documents when you have Office 2003