This is an excellent video clip to show students in order to assist them to identify self management skills and to reflect on the skills they themselves uses in similar situations.

For activities and games which help develop self managing skills go to
A Solo Hour in Nature would be good for year 5-6 students if the time was lessened to say half an hour. Children are asked to spend the time alone in a natural setting.

Internet Safety is an essential element of Managing Self when working online. Students need to know how to keep themselves safe online and what to do if they end up in a potentially unsafe situation. Sites that aid this can be found here.

When we think about self management in terms of children and ICT, (actually adults as well) one essential component is about organisation. As young as 5 years children need to develop such skills as remembering a password, logging on, proofing and saving. Later they learn how to store information in folders or in favourites and where to go to get help.