Maths sites that may be useful:

AsTTle website The What next steps for AsTTle maths.

The Assessment Resource Bank site

NZ Maths Resource Index - allows you to search for maths resources on a particular level, strand and/or objective.


Lizzie Turnbull's Sabbatical Project - Mathzlinks

NZ Maths Site

Study Ladder - An excellent NZ interactive Maths site (Was Smartkiddies)

Symmetry Sites

Johnny's Maths Page

BBC Bitesize - interactive maths activities

Wicked Maths - interactive maths activities

BBIMathex - a year 7 class maths wiki

Binary numbers explained in an easy to understand video
Mathematical representation of Beethoven's 5th Symphony

Adrian Bruce's Website - lots of activities and downloadable resources

Woodlands Site - heaps of maths activites

Mathszone - huge number of links to maths activities

BBC maths site

Kiddonet - has lots of activities, not just maths

ICT Games (Toftwood site) - has maths and literacy activities

Tutpup - maths activities (and spelling). Similar to Mathletics but free.

Multiflyer - times tables game

BBIMathex - a year 7 class maths wiki

These next two are on the site. You need Flash & Shockwave (free downloads) to use it and may have to enable cookies and popups. If it asks you to register select Maybe Later. This is an excellent site (not just for maths) worth the little bit of effort required to set it up.

Mathsblox Great game for practising basic facts maths area


Phil Tulga Site - Sound Frequency & other activities

Time Activities

Furbles - for fractions A good math game based on the TV programme Who wants to be a millionaire.

Farmer Rumtum - a junior counting game nos 1-5 multiplication game to download.

Starter of the day This website has a maths problem each day that could be good as a warm up activity great links to heaps of really good maths games!!!!

smartkiddies NZ Maths site including all strands