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The Future?

One minute music: This link is to lots of short copyright free music tracks. Great for use with Photostory, Moviemaker etc. They are only free for non-broadcast uses -see below

Educational or Personal Non-Commercial Use (Non-revenue generating or associated) Does not include any broadcast use - web, blog, podcast or other.

Talking about music!!! If you are a budding guitar muso and want lyrics and chords for classic songs go to www.chordie.com

external image empty.png top100tools.pdf This pdf lists ICT tools as voted by 400 educators. A very comprehensive list with links.

Can also be viewed on the website: http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/top100.ht

Jam Studio
I found this link really cool especially being a guitar player. I can experiment with chord combinations and strum tempo etc