Organising Your Thinking



Lenva Shearing's great site with lots of links to web 2.0 tools

ICT-related tasks which develop thinking skills
  • Trouble-shooting/problem-solving
  • Using search engines effectively - refined searching
  • Make decisions relating to best choice of software etc for task
  • Make decsions regarding best features of software to suit task

Developing Our Key Competencies - Thinking Skills
Over the last few weeks during our Discovery Time the students of Waikino Room 3 had the challenge of creating a cereal advertisement. To do this they had to use their thinking skills to design an ad that was catchy and effective. The first step was to look at a range of ads online and identify how they were catchy/effective. From there they had to brainstorm ideas for their own cereal ads. After a lot of rehearsal they were ready for filming. Here are the finished products.