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These word documents are descriptions of what thinking means to two Te Rerenga School boys in the senior classroom.

external image msword.png My Thinking.doc
external image msword.png thinking about thinking.doc

ACTIVboard Flipchart - Thought Provokersexternal image empty.png thoughtprovokers.flp

Power Point - Thought Provokersexternal image Thought Provokers.ppt


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A great book: Infusing the teaching of Critical and Creative Thinking into Content Instruction

by Robert Swartz & Sandra Parks (The Critical Thinking Co.) This book can be purchased online from The Learning Network NZ. This site has links to lots of info on thinking skills.

SOLO Taxonomy

De Bono's 6 Thinking Hats

Bloom's Taxonomy (Includes links to printable posters and classroom examples)

Tony Ryan's Thinkers Keys (A down;loadable PDF version of the Keys)