Here are some links to useful free software programmes:

(See also the Useful Software page and you should also check out the TKI Software for Learning pages - use the keyword: freeware in the search tool).

Have a look at the discussion forums on this page for ideas of how to use some common programs. You may even like to add some ideas of your own.


See the discussion forum above for ideas and examples of the use of Photostory3 or to add your own ideas. Photostory3 doesn't run on Vista but if you set the Compatibility Mode of the executable's properties to align with XP SP2 and then it will run. See this document for details on how to do that.

Examples of how Photostory3 has been used. See also theClassroom Examples pages for more examples.

For Mac users imovie 08 can be used in a similar way - see this explanation or view a pdf version


Have look at the Audacity wiki for info and ideas on using Audacity. You should also check out (or add to) the Audacity discussion on this page.

Gliffy (online mindmapping)

A whole lot of useful wesites (NZ based)

C-map (mindmapping software)

Finale music notation program


(an excellent, user-friendly art program that gives realistic paint, pastel, crayon and other effects) Have a look at the Art Rage tips and tutorial

(NB: The makers of Artrage2 are offering the full version of this program to NZ schools at $1 a copy. Email

Ultrasnap Useful free program to capture as images anything you see on your computer screen.

Flash Earth - Mapping software online that uses a variety of other softwares like google earth. The beauty of Flash Earth is not having to install a program (Just Flash)

BlockCAD is a freeware program for building virtual models with Lego-like bricks.

Tux Typing is an educational typing tutor for children. It features several different types of gameplay, at a variety of difficulty levels.

Tux Paint - Cool tools and once again is freeware. Tux Stamps is an add-on to this program that can downloaded separately.

Panoramio - Is a photo sharing tool. It allows you to upload your photos and then you can map there location on Google Earth. Your photos will then be visible to all Google Earth users. A great way to share field trips and the like with parents, colleagues etc... I have some photos of our Twin Kauri walk in Waitawheta that are up and were visible for our parents to see so they could share our journey even if they couldn't make the trip.