Waihi East School have been using a variety of ICTS to support their learning and especially the development of the Key Competencies.

Students made and sold a video about their camp experience.
All KCs were supported but especially Participating and Contributing, Thinking and Using Language, Symbols and Texts.
· They used iMovie to edit footage, add titles and soundtracks where needed.
· Made own Garageband tracks for YouTube 2 minute version to let community know they’d made a DVD and embedded it on the East school website.
· Made a poster using ‘Comic Life’ to advertise Waitawheta Camp Movie DVD.
· Designed DVD Case Cover using Microsoft Publisher.

Waihi East School has begun using Google apps to provide students with a range of ICT tools to enhance learning. Students now regularly use Google Docs. Students are communicating with email, docs and instant messaging. They have begun exploring the use of Google video chat to interact with others. (See Mish Mash TV video http://vimeo.com/22061711 from 3:58) At the moment communication is limited to chat within the school, but once students are confident with the technology this will be expanded.

Examples of use of Google docs:
AO - Speaking, Writing, Presenting - Written Language features
Use language features appropriately, showing a developing understanding of their effects. Indicators:
– uses oral, written, and visual language features to create meaning and effect and engage interest
Supported KCs were: Using Language, Symbols and Text
Examples – Google Docs writing recounts – yr 5’6 students from Waihi East – Swimming Recount East School Google Apps showing student self assessment of their draft based on WALT (we are learning to) and success criteria. Swimming Recount second Google docs example, this one without self assessment.

Puppet Pals HD on iPad - ICT Key Competencies Links

At Waihi East Primary School a year 5/6 class is studying 'Matariki' with a view to performing a myth or legend relating to 'Matariki' in a school show near the end of term 2 2011. Our Arts drama focus is - Level 3 Achievement Objective:

Developing Ideas: Initiate and develop ideas with others to create drama.

Specific Learning Outcomes selected for Assessment: Students will perform a drama including their understandings of Matariki (whakapapa, the land, the stars) in the Production. We are linking key competencies with this 'Matariki' unit they are: 'Participating and Contributing' and 'Relating to Others'.
An ICT learning experience that links with these 'Key Competencies' is outlined below:

We listened/watched a movie of the 'Creation Myth' to familiarize ourselves with the story line and characters. Next we used Puppet Pals HD on the iPad to re-enact the myth or legend. Link with Key Competencies - 'Participating and Contributing' working together in a group to draw the characters in the myth and to rehearse each persons speaking parts. Key Competency - 'Relating to Others' students behaved appropriately during rehearsal having turns, encouraging each other to use good character voices. See the result of one of our Puppet Pals HD 'Creation Myth' below.