To set up a class wiki you should first register with wikispaces.Then you can apply for a free educational wiki at see suggestions of how other teachers use their wikis or to add your own ideas have a look at the discussion at the top of this page. For examples of wikis from classes in the cluster check out the classroom wikis page.

What is a wiki? This little video shows you in simple terms.

Embedding Google forms in wikis

Susie Vesper has compiled a list of many tools for blogs and wikis with instructions on how to use them.

Wikispaces page with how to spice up your wiki.

Want a fancy heading
Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Logo?


This wiki has more info, examples and help on setting up a class wiki.

Wikispaces has a useful help page which should answer any questions you have.


Ready for some more advanced stuff - Try Getting Tricky With Wikis

Want some interesting ways to to share some of your photos on your class wiki? Want to jazz it up a little? Check out some of these sites:

BighugelabsThis site has lots of interesting things you can do with you photographs.

Create moving albums of your photos.Easier than putting them in tables.

Puzzlemaker - turn your photos into a puzzle which can be embedded in websites, blogs and wikis - Inserting widgets into your wiki

Wikispaces Tutorial view presentation

Picasa Web Albums - easy way to view slideshow on the web, can easily embed slideshow into school website.

Map that marks (with a dot) where the people who are visiting your wiki are from. REVOLVER MAP
Make you wiki look pretty easily with glogster see Instructions on how to page
make a slide show of photos without a lot of advertising Picturetrail see instructions on the how to page.

Notes from Waihi Beach School's PD Session on updating Class Wiki Pages -